How online design works

How online design works

A Personal Touch to Your Space: How Online Interior Design Works


From the very first call, we will dive into the task of deciphering your ideas and translating them into a tangible reality. No longer do you need to wade through the overwhelming sea of furniture, accessories, and paint colors – we take care of that, presenting it all back to you in an easy-to-understand manner.

The beauty of online interior design lies in its simplicity and transparency. You gain information on how your room will look, where to find each piece, and the exact cost – all neatly laid out in front of you. Choose from a variety of packages tailored to your needs and room size. 

Traditionally, professional interior design was a luxury service, often involving complete project management and sourcing tradespeople. However, online interior design services break down those barriers, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you have a lavish budget or a modest one, we can work with you to maximize the impact of your investment.

By operating online, we keep our overheads low and pass on the savings to you.  The design process is also streamlined, with a quick turnaround for delivering your personalized design directly to your inbox. No more waiting for in-person meetings or showroom visits – we are available anytime, anywhere.

Our approach is deeply personal. Through video call appointments, we connect with you, examining your room and engaging in real conversations to understand your desires, lifestyle, and concerns. We become more than just your designers; we become your personal guides in creating a space that reflects you. We ask questions, study photos, and take measurements to ensure every decision aligns perfectly with your vision.

In just two weeks, we can deliver a full design, with a fast-track service for those with tighter deadlines. The online platform not only makes the process faster but ensures that you have a personal connection with your designer, making the entire journey not just affordable but profoundly intimate. Your personalized design drops straight into your inbox, marking the beginning of a collaborative and personal interior design experience like never before.

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