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Embracing Trends: A Fresh Perspective on Timeless Style

Up to this point, I would have always passionately argued against trends, viewing them as contributors to the throw-away culture and the fast fashion/interiors movement. I believed that interiors should not be fashion-led but grounded in durability and personal resonance, avoiding the pitfalls of overdesigning that can make spaces look complicated, fussy, or overly precious. 
However, I’ve since reframed my perspective. Yes I hate over production and fast fashion/interiors it all needs to stop. But, I'm also someone who has always loved and enjoys the culture—fashion, music, art, interiors, travel, food, books, movies are what interests and inspire me—I've come to realize that trends is not a dirty word, nor should it be. Trends are a vibrant reflection of our collective creativity and ever-evolving tastes. 
It's incredible to witness the melting pot of influences from past and present. While I will always advocate for classic foundations and staples in interior design to ensure longevity and avoid the fleeting nature of fads, I also embrace the joy of incorporating fresh, fun elements through art, photography, color and finishes. The key is knowing the difference between timeless style and a throw away trend. Ultimately, it's the overall combination of elements in a scheme where the magic is. God is in the details as they say. These touches can breathe new life into a space, making it feel dynamic and reflective of current passions.
The beauty of trends lies in their potential to become future classics. What you love right now might just become a cult classic down the line. So, follow your joy and let your interiors tell a story that balances timeless style with contemporary flair. After all, design should be a living, breathing expression of who we are and what inspires us at any given moment.
Images; Pinterest
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